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Composite Doors

Strength, security, and style with low maintenance performance

Make a stylish entrance

Classic style

No matter what your tastes or whatever style of home you live in, we offer a door to match your needs. Our long life robust, desirable and eye-catching GRP Composite Doors are offered in a massive range of styles, finishes and colours. To compliment your door we have a wide range of door handles, door knockers and letterboxes enabling you to personalise your door. With our GRP Composite Doors, you can rest assured that despite the toughest treatment; they will still look good as new. No matter whether you are pushing in a baby buggy, carrying in furniture or a week’s shopping, your Composite Door will withstand everyday wear and tear. GRP is also completely weatherproof, so rainfall, snowfall or hailstones will not affect your door’s exceptional, performance.

Energy efficient

Our GRP Composite Doors provide excellent energy efficiency as standard, thanks to a rigid foam insulation core and a tough 4mm GRP outer casing. This helps to lower your energy bills and keeps you snug and warm all year round. The quality and design of our Composite Doors ensures that they are virtually soundproof and draught-free providing higher levels of energy efficiency and comfort. The heat insulation of our doors is as much as six times higher than a conventional wooden door. So, if you’d like to reduce your energy bills, by installing Composite doors please contact us today.

Built to last

It’s crucial that your front door matches the appearance of your property, but it also needs to be well-designed and robust– durable enough to survive everyday use.  Our GRP Composite Doors are the perfect solution. Our doors are built with high durability performance in mind and are meant to withstand the stress of everyday use without scratches or damage. GRP Composite Doors require minimal upkeep. They don’t require painting or other treatments occasional dusting with a damp cloth is all that is required to preserve a bright, good as new look for many years to come. Please see what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us.


For your peace of mind and to keep your home safe and secure our doors are fitted with an up-to-the-minute 5-hook locking system that is strong enough to secure your home against an intruder.

WINDIMAN new Doors and Windows Ipswich

WINDIMAN new Doors and Windows Ipswich

Additional Services

We also provide the following services:

  • Double Glazing repairs and replacement
  • Sealed Unit repair and replacement
  • Secondary Glazing to make your home quieter, warmer and more secure
  • Conservatory roof Repairs and replacement
  • Timber conservatory repairs
  • Porches add character, extra room and greater security
  • Exterior cladding to add style and protect brickwork
  • Wood sealed unit replacement
  • Replacement barrel locks
  • Multi point door locks
  • Carports